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At Pets Paraphernalia we truly believe pets are family.  We are here to help you take good care of your pooch or kitty, whether it is good food, a nice comfy bed or blankie, collars, beautiful jackets, clothes from our own designer range Magnum/Star, or whatever you need to keep your four-legged family member happy and spoilt, big or small, if we do not have it we will make it or find it! 

We specialise in large breed dog beds, blankets and jackets.

In addition we also cater for, birds, fish, rabbits, rats, hamsters, chinchillas and guinea pigs

We always have products going on special prices!

We are suppliers of speciality products:
 1Belectric blankets
 1Bcar hammocks
 1Bcouches & chairs
 1Bpet loo's
 no bark collars
 1Bdog handbag carriers
 orthopaedic beds
 Magnum/Star clothing range
 1Bdog boots & booties
 holistic food
 raised bowls
 1Bdog backpacks
 green friendly & natural products & medicines
 1Blarge breed dog jackets and beds
1Bthundershirt dog & cat anxiety treatment
 Earthborn Holistic&Holistic Grain-Free food

This is Georgie with his biker faux leather jacket, one example of the special products we supply. (Sorry, Georgie and his Harley are not for sale!)

We stock a range of luxurious dog beds befitting of kings and queens 


We are proud stockists of Earthborn Holistic Food for Pets - Advanced Alternative Nutrition

Earthborn Holistic is advanced alternative nutrition for dogs and cats. Earthborn has combined the highest quality holistic ingredients to nourish your pet. Earthborn has selected the finest proteins, fats, fruits and vegetables, along with a complex blend of vitamins and minerals to support energy, immunity, health and wellness. Every ingredient has a unique purpose and is carefully balanced to provide maximum benefit and nutrition.

Other Featured Brands


Most effective anxiety solution as voted by veterinarians for cats and dogs

Dog boots
Protect your dog's feet when walking on hot surfaces during hot summer days or rough terrain. Dog boots are also helpful with arthritic dogs when getting up because it provides a sure grip on smooth surfaces.


We are supporters and members of the South African Companion Animal Council and The South African Pet Traders Association

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